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Adding Pictures to your Album


Since I am getting a number of PMs on this and I must not be conveying the details very well here is a screenshot.

When you go into your album and select Add Photos from the dropdown you get the window below, on that window click on the Form tab.  The Java Applet doesn't work very well and will give you errors.

FYI - gietl's comment about the Java issues has nothing to do with the RMCB5 website.  It's a problem with the Nuke Module and it's been a known issue for quite a while now.

gietl, I'll see if I can find the fix that I used on one of my Nuke sites, it completly removes the Java function from "Gallery".

My Nuke site -

Thanks for the info Spencer, I'll take a peek into it.

I'm not to worried about it, not to mention anyone with older versions of WinXP can't handle applets very well as is :).

Also, if someone picks FORM like you instructed them to (this would mean they'd have to follow instrucitons to begin with) then it'll always remember their decision from then on out.


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