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Alan Robertson - 2000 1.8T


Back when it was still stock:

A more recent pic:

2000 VW Passat 1.8T
Bought used on 09-20-2002
5 speed
Tan leather interior
Winter package
Luxury package
Monsoon w/6 disc

Mods complete:
Hard-wired radar detector  
Extra brake lights
K&N air filter
APR 2-program ECU
Bilstein sports and Neuspeed sofsports
Forge 007 DV
clear corners (thanks to Dave!)
Neuspeed Short Shifter
Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar
blue euro-spec mirrors
Chas' lower tie bar
BBS CH 17x8.5 w/ Sumitomo HTR+ 235/45-17 (thank you Jon!)
Black grill emblem
ECS underdrive crank pulley
Greedspeed snub mount
Mille Miglia A1 16x7 w/ Dunlop Winter Sport M2 205/55-16
Faux wood interior trim (sounds cheesy, looks good)
Rear fog light
Big ass grin!  

Mods in mind
boost gauge

Alan, you should at least post a picture here so we can see how phat your ride is with those phat wheels :lol:

Well, since Jay has made it such a piece of cake to use the same profile text from clubb5 (just copy it from the clubb5 edit window into the rmcb5 edit window), I'll go ahead and do more than just link to my clubb5 profile. :)

Now ya'll can see them sweet wheels I'm rollin' on now.  8)

You car looked better stock :lol:

Just kidding. ;)


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