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Just did my first oil change and have a quick question...

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I just did my first oil change ever this morning.  Need less to say geting the oil filter off was a pain in the ass.... their is little or no room to work with on the transversly mounted 1.8t.

Any way my question is. Im seeing a little dribble of oil on the engine below the filter, is it normal for their to be a little drip after you put a new filter on? Or should I tighten it a touch more? I dident want to over tighten it for fear of possably stripping it out.

I know all of you B5ers dont have transversely mounted 1.8t's but I would think this would be a universal thing.

Thanks in advance for any info! :D


There should be no leak from the filter.  Isn't there a crush washer in there between the filter and the engine? I think that may need to have been replaced.

I think Eric changes his own oil on his Jetta, same trnasverse mounted engine, he might have some more insight.

No crush washer that I saw around the filter.  Their is however a crush washer around the drain plug that I did replace.
The oil that is on the engine is really dark im thinking that it may have goten on the engine when I had to stab the filter with a screw driver to get it loose and than driped down.

Thanks Jay!


That is probably it Greg.  I knew there was a crush washer somewhere.  I let the dealer do all mine on the Passat since there was a Powertrain warranty.

I would clean the spot and watch it, if ooil is leaking fromt he filter you should be able to run your fingers round it and see if anything is coming out.

Thats what it was, just oil dripping down from higher up. its been sitting for about an hour and it hasent changed.

Thanks again for the reasurence Jay.



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