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Dubs Along the Rockies Winners from RMCB5!!!

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After a day of highs and lows, no not the show, the temperature...brr, wet and cold for the first half of the show.  The rest of the day was good temperature wise and I think a lot of us got sunburned by those overcast skies.

Ok, without further adou, here are the RMCB5 members that won yesterday:

B5 Passat
Madigan - Best of Class
aowhaus - 2nd Place
UberGrrl - 3rd Place

Audi A6/RS6
gietl - Best of Class

I only won because no other A6s showed, so it was by default, but hey I spent 8 hours detailing my car Saturday so it was show worthy ;)

The turnout this year was tremendous, many many thank yous to edition719 for all their effort in putting together such a great show.  Huge props to the show sponsors who has tons and tons of stuff to give away and funding for the show.

Also, huge thanks to the RMCB5 members that could make it and to the folks on AW for making a large Audi showing. I think after DATR and depending ont he turnout at Bug-in nest year may present many a show opportunity for local and national Audi owners.

Now I don't have any official number or info but here is what I knew around noon yesterday:

Total cars: ~165 (I know at least 15 more came in at the close of registration)

Out of staters: California, Texas, Utah, AZ, NM, and I think, I think there was a rumor some folks from Oklahoma were going to attend but I'm not sure if they did.

Regardless of where they came from, the fact that a show in it;s thrid year pulled so many folks from out of state as well as the post show publicity that will be coming soon it's clear that Dubs Along the Rockies is going to be a huge draw in the coming years.

I am working on downloading my pictures and should have what few I took posted when available.

Here is a winning picture:

Woo Hoo! Congrads to the winners! Guess what I won.....

Nothing, but the revo software is mui fast, thats all I really wanted.

The show was a blast. Sorry I dident get a chance to say goodbye to you guys but I was off rideing in another revo'd car.


Congratulations Gent's and Lady.  I like to see the ladies getting some love/respect at the show.

Congrats to all...the hard work paid off!

If you have pics... PLEASE send them to me in high res... we are trying to collect as many as possible before we send them out to, Infront and PVW. We also want to try and separate the pics so that no two publications have the same pic. Full credit will be given to all photographers, so PLEASE send me your stuff!  or send a CD to 854 Desert Circle, Fountain, CO 80817


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