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Hardcore Concert 9/25
« on: August 19, 2004, 11:00:10 PM »
Now, I know you all aren't into the screamo/thrash/core scene,  :onfire: but one of my best friends from college is coming through town for a show on the 25 of Sept. at the Climax Lounge.

Tisha is definately NOT going but I will be and was wondering if anybody else would like to join me. ;)

My buddy Devin (drums) and his brother Brennan's (guitar) band is Haste the Day. I belive they'll be with Martyr AD and Dead to Fall.
Oh yeah, and they are very much Christian but you'd never know it just seeing them live.  :P

Devin and I got banned from playing in the second floor lounge of our dormitory...we rocked too hard and pissed everybody off...'course it was around bedtime and VERY loud :twisted: :onfire:
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