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Greg Harmon: 2000 GLS 1.8T Pics Added

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I bought this car with the intension of never messing with it; I just wanted a super reliable daily driver. As you read on you will see that it didn’t really go as planned…

2000 Golf GLS 1.8t

More pics to follow.

Rieger Badgeless Grill (on the way)
Debaged Rear End
Platinum window tint (legal)
Wolfsburg Temp tag

Under The Hood:
Forge 007 DV
A shaved stock air box.(As Andy pointed out it cools better)
REVO 3bar program (spike at 21 psi and hold at 17psi)
Samco Boost Hose Kit
Custom Intercooler Mister
ECS Dog Bone Mount
Starion front mount intercooler (waiting until warranty is done)

To Make It Stick:
H&R Cup Kit
Eibach front and rear sway bars
16” BBS 2 piece’s (stock Wolfsburg wheels)
Yokohama ES100’s

For My Personal Amusement:
Alpine 6.5 inch in dash screen
Alpine 6 disc changer
1 10” MTX Thunder 6000 Sub
Play Station 2
Kenwood 1000 watt amp
Sirius Satalite Radio

Random Interior Bits:
25psi VDO Boost Gauge with New south Performance column pod
Cobra radar detector

I’m still working on fabricating a custom amp rack for the trunk. It will hold the PS2, Amp and changer up off the floor of the trunk. Ill be covering it in gray carpet to match the trunk with a VW logo embossed in the carpet.

This winter Ill be working on the fuel system includeing new injectors a much larger fuel rail and an adjustable FPR (1-6 bars)  as well as some misc bits and pieces (mostly cosmetic). I will also be installing a little bit stiffer clutch.


Some of you kiddos were promised pics of my sat radio installed so I decided to put them here instad of starting a whole new thread.

Here is all their is to see.


Now you can get that C&W station no matter where you go.


Is your disc changer compartment all filled up???  The guys who did my stereo removed the monsoon stuff when they installed my in dash, and they put the brain in there...  Just a thought.  Congrats.


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