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Hey, so what is up with the timestamp of these posts?  Seems like a the RM portion of should dictate that the time stamps be in Mountain Time (GMT-7).  It seems like the clock is set to GMT +9.  Where is the server anyway?

Sorry - stuff like this just drives me nuts       :roll:

Well then you should change your timezone settings Andrew :).

Whilst logged in, head into the forums, click on the Profile link towards the top of the forums and scroll down.

Keep in mind, the software does not account for Daylight Savings Time so you need to set your time accordingly.  It should be GMT -6, when we fall back you will need to change it to GMT -7.

I always keep the default intact.

Let me know if you have any questions, FYI, this is being moved to the help forum.

Sweet!  You are the man.  that fixed things for me.  

Now I just have to figure out what made me set it to GMT +10  to begin with.  I love it when little annoyances like that are easy fixes.  

Thanks again Jay.

and, PS no problem with the move to the other forum, I wasn't sure where to put it anyway.

No sweat, last year we did a major upgrade to the site and it jacked everyones time zones,  at the time I had posted about it being a problem and that everyone would need to make those changes.

Of course I have since deleted the message. :)

The forum software defaults to GMT +10 I believe.

Reminder, daylight savings time will end in October, gotta find the exact date, so when that happens you will all need to update your timezone settings to GMT -7 if you are in the Mountain Time Zone and were on Daylight Savings Time.


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