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Club Sticker?

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I know a girl here in

town who has her own custom vinyl graphics company.  What do you guys think about having her make up some (small) stickers for us Rocky Mtn

B5-ers?  Maybe something small like the clubb5.com stickers Winston has on his side rear windows?

Any of you photoshop wizards wanna come up with a design for us?

Oh and BTW, with this post I tie Jon for the #1 post whore spot!  :D

I think the sticker would be

awesome...I could try to come up with something in all my spare time

yeah, and then your free time won't

be spent out-posting me!   :P  :lol:  :twisted:  :wink:  :D

here are some variations of a small

sticker that maybe we could make up for our rides. Let me know what you all think, or if there are any suggestions.

And for Alan...I have left the world of the Gorillaz :?

That was quick Jon.  I have a concern

about using the B5 like on Clubb5.com.  If we decide to use something with that we need to get permission from Thanasi.  There's that crazy little

copyright thing at the bottom of CB5 that prevents us from using images like that.

I'd hate to run into a conflict with that.  I think we can come up with some other unique ideas and we will probably want to think about how it will

look on a window.

Maybe we should have a contest, whoever want's to submit a sticker idea can and then we could have a poll to determine which one is best.  

Through that we may be able to even determine a logo for the club.

Anyway, just thoughts.  Thanks for cranking something out so quick!


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