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tips on lowering a quattro A4 please

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ok my H&R race springs should be here tomarro, and i will be installing them on thursday so it is ready for sat....

my tuning history includes.....
i have built 2 race cars (320 BMW, and a Civic), done 3 engine swaps, and installed 4 turbos & 2 G-ladders, custom fabed all kinds of sheeite, and lowered everything from dubs to acuras, hondas, mitsu., BMW, Mercedes, and a couple ford focuses and even installed hydros on my second car an 87 buick regal.....

but have never touched an AWD car before....
so can yall give me a couple hints?
is there any special tools needed for an A4 suspention (like on a dub)?

Denver Pat would be a good contact on this one, send him a PM. I did my B5 by myself and assisted on others, but none have been 4Motion (AWD).

I know the front end on the Passat os a freakin nightmare, and the backend is a walk in the park.

I don't recall if Pat did his on his own or had them done professionally.

Not for sure, but I don't think he did them himself. He still has the "stock" Sport package springs, but has Bilsteins that I think were done by a shop... I think the only suspensions that Pat has experience with is mine.. when we did it last month (no 4Mo)...

You probably can find more help on AudiWorld- for example if you go here:
http://www.audiworld.com/tech/index.html and then click on "Coilover Suspension Installation" there is this great 5-page writeup on doing a suspension install that includes full color pictures.. 99% chance it's on a quattro too, I just didn't read through to find out. There is a ton of great technical info on AW.

Hope that helps..

ill check it out...thanks

maybe try 5 really fat chicks (fat bastard, fat)...that would make it look slammed :lol:   just kidding.

Amanda is right, check out the tech info on Audiworld...I find that very helpful as well.


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