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Can't Login from phone

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I can't login from my phone...I get an error 1025: Infinite redirect loop.
Maybe we could have a phone friendly limited link at the top of the page..go there and boom access to mailbox and forums only...all text. That'd be pretty cool.

It works on my black berry every time. you probly have a problem with the wap settings on your phone or it may be the network.

Reset your phone and try again.


I don't have a really nice expensive blackberry. In any case, the chances of me logging on with my phone are slim at best.

And I only get the left side menus...that's annoying. I'd need a links there to actually go to the forums.

And if I could login in, I'd have to have more menus down the left side side to access all my functions. Annoying yes, but as I said, I'll probably use only rarely on my phone.

NO....bad JR...NO

I don't see the need, this is a non-critical site, the forums are syndicated, but you don't get much more than a link from that and it's xml.

This site is NOT phone friendly, I can't imagine why anyone would really need to access the site with their phone.  Sure, maybe you need a phone number or an address, but that is a problem with planning on that individuals part. :)


Boredom Jay, pure boredom...the only need. It was just a thought.

Now if I was all cool and shiz with a blackberry then you know, I'd be cool and shiz. Unemployed, but cool. :lol:


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