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Saturn's thread on CB5 Events & Gatherings

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Here's the link~

Ok so what's up here. Is there a reason nobody else is replying to this thread? Did I miss something?

I do see how all the clubs argue on Vortex...BEST, DCI, 719...etc...does that have something to do with it?  

Or did you all just not see it...

Or just don't give a crap?  :wink:  

~just curious~


Well, I'm not intersted at the

moment because VW on the Green is such a big event and planning will be tough.  I personally haven't worked with anyone involved, but I too

have heard of the difficulties.  Hopefully they pull it off.  I was at VW on the Green once and enjoyed.  My "first" car show.  Dirty car and all.  I

wonder where the new venue will be?

Ha ha ha!  I see Wendy's new avatar.

 What a darling!  :lol:

I'm very

interested in this.  I love planning these things.

Jay - If you are interested, we can ride down together and take a look at it.  They need a website author, and you rock in that arena!

Actually if anyone else wants to go, we can caravan or carpool!

Winston I put a call in to the

babysitter.  I think it would be cool to meet some other VW owners that love their cars  :)   I suppose it would be fun to be in on the planning aspect

too :wink:.  I'll keep you posted~


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