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Bad bad turbo


Hey folks I think I'm

having the same problem PONCE was having with his turbo.  I think I may have had problems with my oil feed lines and now my turbo is in the

process of giving up the ghost.  

It still boosts and performs at around 85%, but it is acting like there is something wrong with it...

Anyone else encountered any of these problems before?

Also, I was thinking about doing a different type of GTG.  There is a junkyard downtown, and with the numbers of Passats in the Denver area, I

may be able to score some parts, like a TURBO, extra ECU and a-pillar cover, etc...

Anyone interested?

Winston, I would be totally interested

in a JunkYard day.  My weekends are limited until February...that is when I will have some actual schedule changes.  But if you get a weekday off,

let me know and I will tag along.  I would love to find an extra seat for an office chair or something like that.  And any extra parts/ emblems,

steering wheels, yada yada yada...I love junk :)

BTW...Contact Meg at Parts4vws.com with an updated list for group discounts.  I sent her your edwards address, the one they have is not working.  

Hope that is OK...her number is 1888-389-7278 x100.

peace out

I know this is

outdated and a try at a junkyad has been attempted.  I would like to have another go at it.  Along with possible picking up another ECU for chipping,

I need a screw clip to replace one the broke from the dash panel that sits below my steering wheel.  Also a curiosity, will the B5.5 ECU work in our

B5's or is there enough engine changes to not try?


--- Quote from: "sweetvw" ---Also a curiosity, will the B5.5 ECU work in our B5's or is there enough engine changes to not

--- End quote ---

Don't try. Way different. You'll need an ECU of the same year as your car if it is a 2000 or later. The earlier '99 and '98's work with eachothers

year, but not the later ones. The 2000 MY's got a boost pressure senson that the '99's didn't have. Therefore, there is more to the later ECU that

the early cars don't have.


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