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where can I get a bowl of pho in downtown denver?

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This is killing me. A day like today... -15C out... would be perfect for a piping hot bowl of pho for lunch but my local noodle shop was shut down several months ago and I haven't found another to replace it!!! I'm dying here!




Dude.  I am all over asian food...  but that looks... well, yeah....

Take a ride out to Aurora, one on every corner.  Havanna and Mississippi, don't ask me the name, but very good.  Also if you know where pull and save is, there is another good resteraunt right before you get to it, what is that, I-70 and Peoria.

yeah there are a ton of good ones on Federal, even up where I live at 120th there is a pho shop just a couple miles from my house. Unfortunately i can't find any close to where i work here in downtown.


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