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Hey Everyone.
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Great input thanks a lot!! Incorporating your input into my outline.
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Hey Everyone.
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I really like the area that is formed by Cherry Creek (north), Englewood (south), Broadway (west), and I-25 (east). It's considered South Denver and encompasses several neighborhoods full of trees, parks, and 60-100 year old homes. You might think it's silly to mention trees, but they are quite a commodity here. We live near the University of Denver so we have a bit of a college scene around us - not too many renters, lots of young folk around, and plenty of families. Englewood is really only 8 blocks south of us and you can knock $50k-$100k off the comparable home if you go to Englewood.

Starting from Englewood, as you work your way towards downtown, prices go up progressively. Starting from Broadway, as you work eastward towards DU, prices also go up as it peaks around DU and then trails off towards I-25. At the same time the prices go up, the houses seem to get older and the lots get smaller. That might be a bit of a generalization.

Since you're coming from CA, I imagine you'll be able to afford most anything out here. Our main criteria at the time of buying was location (midway point between our jobs) and then trying to find a decent and affordable neighborhood keeping commutes to a minimum. Traffic isn't as bad as CA, but it does suck if you are going into downtown in the morning and leaving in the afternoon.

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Hey Everyone.
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Hey Everyone.
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Nevermind everything I said since your wife's client is at:

7475 S Joliet St, Englewood, CO 80112

Englewood stretches pretty far west and east but I guess I would look in Centennial, Greenwood Village, and Highlands Ranch. There's a lot of people on the east side of I-25 in Centennial and Parker so don't go too far east like Saudi Aurora. Not sure if you're looking for a house but a townhome in DTC would be cool.


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Hey Everyone.
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not sure if you are looking for a larger house with a yard or an apartment, but here are my comments on some of these communities.
Currently Denver is a renter's market, as there is huge surplus of rental properties available with lots more being built -- many places are offering great incentives such as move-in bonues or free rent for 3 months.

A lot of my friends and coworkers moved here and love it there.  Mark (Madigan), a club member here, has a place there.  It's a new master-planned community with a town center, a couple community pools, and shops and restaurants.  My office did part of the town center and we have some exciting plans for the old control tower (one of the remaining remnants of the old airport).
It is North America's largest planned development and won't be finished for another 10 years.  It has a nice mix of different housing (from $150,000 flats to $2 million single family homes, with some rentals mixed in), and a decent location (about 20 minutes northeast of downtown Denver and less than 20 minutes to the airport).  Conveniently located next to I-70.

Very similar to Stapleton but on a smaller scale and located about 25 minutes east of downtown.

Capitol Hill & Wash Park
A nice community of old houses and some low-rise apartment buildings from the 60's and 70's.  Located southwest of expensive Cherry Creek and about 15 minutes southeast of downtown, Wash Park is a great park to walk your dog, go jogging or take your kids to play.  Most of the streets are lined with huge shady trees.  Homes are getting very pricey because of its location and its charm.

Five Points
located directly northeast of downtown, it is was once an area of poverty, crime and drugs.  This area is now going through a phase of growth and improvements thanks to the success and prosperity of the Uptown area directly south.  Old abandoned homes are being nenovated, and there are a couple new townhome developments which appeal to young professionals and empty nesters.  A good place to invest in real estate.

Personally this is an often overlooked area, and has good potential and is very affordable to live.
It is just west of Cherry Creek, with lots of shopping along busy Colorado Avenue (Home Depot, Target, Wild Oats, etc.).  The further west you go the more residential it gets.  It is also close to I-25.

Belmar (Lakewood)
A new master-planned community with a mix of apartments, condos, lofts and townhomes centered around a Main Street of commercial and retail.  Designed to appeal to yonger professionals.

Reunion (Commerce City)
Another new large development being built next to Denver Airport.
Very reasonably priced single family homes, but pretty much located in the middle of nowhere.
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