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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« on: January 30, 2005, 02:58:22 AM »
Was out running errands this morning, on the trip home the allroad started to run real rough, and the check engine light came on.  I limped home and pulled out the pro-diag.  It shows a cylinder misfire in cyls 2 & 6.  hmmmm.  I have seen this before - in the same cylinders even.  

Last summer the coil packs were replaced in those two when this same thing happened.  Anyway, being a weekend, I didn't want to spend all day limping the car to the dealer and making my wife come pick me up.  I also really needed a rental car in order to deal with our travel plans for the weekend.

So, I decided to utilize the benefit of Audi's roadside assistance.  I dug out the number and called.  Guy who answered was friendly enough, even wanted to be sure I was stopped in a safe place.  said he would call a tow truck and have it towed into Stammler in Boulder (where I wanted it to go anyway).

the problem came with the rental car.  the normal plan is to have the dealer provide a loaner or a rental car.  that would be great but it was saturday afternoon, and the dealers service dept was closed, and besides they don't have any loaners.  I needed a rental today.  

rather than volunteering to call enterprise and to arrange to have one brought to me, Audi merely gave me enterprise's phone number and an Audi discount number to use with them.  not even an option for direct billing.  I need to front the cash and have Audi reimburse me.

So, I call enterprise who lets me know that they are unable to bring a car out to me today (so much for their advertising campaign) but the can come get me and bring me to their location to pick up the car.  that and they tell me the $35/day limit that audi sets will rent me a nice chevy cavelier?  Come on now.  since when is a cavelier a substitute for any audi, let alone the allroad.  

while waiting for enterprise to come pick me up, I decided to call audi customer care to complain about both the rate allowed, and the failure to arrange to bring the car to me.  After all, what if I hadn't been able to limp the car home - would I have been left on the side of the road, or would I catch a ride to the dealer with the tow truck driver and be left standing around a closed dealer?

well, that call didn't go well.  Audi customer care isn't open on the weekends.

No progress.

The enterprise guy came and picked me up.  when I got there, I took a grand cherokee v6 for $42/day.  It was at least size comparable to the allroad.  On monday, during business hours I'll have to call customer care to ask them to pick up the extra $7 per day.  I guess if they don't I'll be getting a cayanne next time around.

then there was the tow truck.  the truck came while I was at enterprise.  my wife let me know that the truck which was dispatched didn't have a parking brake sufficient to hold it on our mildly sloped driveway.  He had to roll to the bottom of the driveway and block 1/2 the street in order to have a flat place to load the car.

Well, I am traveling Monday & Tuesday.  should be fun to deal with this remotely via the phone.  

why does this have to be such a love/hate relationship with my car?
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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2005, 06:27:01 AM »
makes you think twice about luxury cars, when they go bad, things can go real bad...and on weekends, nothing happens.

Sorry you are having such problems, that totally blows.

I will be surprised if Audi picks up the extra cost of the rental.

When you talk to the Audi reps this week, make sure to tell them that you have had other Audi's in the past, and that you are also accustome to BMW service.  And if they are not willing to accomodate you with this simple request, that the next time, you will be switching to other companies for your automotive needs.

When I needed a rental, and Enterprise did not have one in "Audi's price range"  They wanted to upgrade me, but at my cost.  I laughed at Stammler for that suggestion.  I said, I am due a loaner, per my coverage under factory warranty, and they needed my car for 2-3 days.  It was not my fault that they did not have a vehicle available that met their it was their cost.  They argued with me for a short time, I got pretty pissed....this just after i spent nearly $5000 on new turbos and other repairs, and the car was in for suspension warranty work that was covered.  I told them that if they did not provide me with a rental, they would be towing me to Prestige at their expense, AoA would be notified and a complaint filed.  In the end, I got the "upgrade" to a Toyota Camry...woo hoo.  You got to be kidding me.  I know at Prestige that they pretty much try to loan the same car you bring we would be in an A6 avant or Allroad.  Makes me think twice about where to go for service in the future under AA coverage.

Another thought about cars that involve so much technology...there is much more that can go wrong, and the expense for repairs is high.  Even though I am under AA, I have my doubts of keeping the car much longer...with the thoughts of replacing it with something less involved, but still useful and fun to drive...the only thing is, now I am spoiled....still love the allroad, best overall utility vehicle I have ever owned...which includes 4runners, Pathfinders, Land Rovers, Cherokees.

Anyway, I feel your pain, hope you find a resolve and they solve the problems quickly for you.

funny thing is...when I take my MINI in for service, they give me a fully loaded MINI as a loaner, no cost, no questions.  Everyone get's a MINI.  Makes you think ;)

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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2005, 06:27:01 AM »


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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2005, 03:28:06 PM »
Prestige is really good about the loaners - but I've never had  to call them in a pinch like that over a weekend so who knows.

I'm getting a rental (paid for by somebody else's insurance) next week when I take my car in - not looking forward to that, it'll prolly be the cavalier. :cry:

Sorry to hear about the allroad woes, hope they get it fixed up soon.
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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2005, 05:52:50 PM »
That's a real bummer guys.  That actually makes me think differently about getting an Allroad in the future, which was something I have been considering.  

I have also had issues with VW, but they have been quality of repairs, and other minor things that have pushed me to do my own maintenance.  

if I were to get a fifty thousand dollar car though, I would expect a LOT from both the corporate office and the dealer.  Sounds like Prestige may be an alternative in the future though, at least, so if you go there, let us know how that goes.

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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« Reply #4 on: January 30, 2005, 09:14:31 PM »
I feel your pain, and in my opinion their is nothing worse than geting crappy service. Especially when it comes to something like this.
VW's warranty service has soured me on VW's for ever. Rude service writers, incorrect information, the worst extended warrenty I have ever bought.
I cant wait untill this warrenty is over, just so I never have to deal with heuberger again.
Needless to say I wont be buying another VW again, im extreamly happy with the car, it has been reliable, fun to drive and the chicks love it ok maby the chicks dont dig it so much, but the lack of customer service out weaghs the benifits in my opinion.
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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« Reply #5 on: January 30, 2005, 09:34:35 PM »
Quote from: "ColoradoB5"
That actually makes me think differently about getting an Allroad in the future, which was something I have been considering.  

Winston, the car is basically solid.  If I had not dinked around with a chip or the suspension and the computer controls...I would not have had any problems what so ever, and I am over 50K miles.  My car has been solid outside of the things I screwed up.  Now that it is back to normal, or stock, it runs like a dream again...not to mention 2 new turbos.

If you are serious about an allroad in the future, I will be selling mine within the next year most likely, and it still has coverage until May of 2007 or 100K through Audi Assured.


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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« Reply #6 on: January 31, 2005, 01:36:03 AM »
Stammler sucks ass when it comes to getting you a loaner or rental, I was told by one of the lot guys that they DO have a loaner car (or 2) but that they only go to the guys/gals who bring in the RS6 or Porsche twin turbos (the big dogs).  As far as regular maintenance / service, they have been great for me so far.  Sorry to hear about your troubles, hope it all gets fixed up soon!


PS:  The few times I did take my car to Prestige for service, they either gave me a loaner car (once my salesman gave me the keys to a used S4 on the lot!! haha  maybe that is why he is not working there anymore ;)) or set me up with a rental and had it brought to the dealership.


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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« Reply #7 on: January 31, 2005, 11:37:30 AM »
Man, Andrew, this all sucks. I hope things worked out this weekend or today.
I got the VW extended warranty on the Jetta and I hope it saves me money in the long run. It's with Lithia so we'll see. Good luck and be a dick with 'em.
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not too happy with Audi's roadside assistance
« Reply #8 on: February 02, 2005, 02:25:57 PM »
Quote from: "blueGOLFturbo"
... ok maby the chicks dont dig it so much...

The right chicks would dig it...
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