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February 2005 - Cole


In 1971 my mother had to be rushed to the hospital after breaking several ribs in a snowmobile race. (she won the race  ) The doctor told her it was just a few ribs and "oh, by the way you are also pregnant!"

Eighteen months later my parents packed the three of us into a Triumph TR6 convertible with the top down and moved from the Midwest to Colorado. That was the closest thing I think we ever had to a "Family Car" 90% of the cars we owned were either convertible sports cars or convertible Jeeps.

With a start like that it was no wonder I soon became interested in anything with an engine and wheels.

The car I finally learned to drive in was a 1978 Porsche 928 and a 1983 Jeep CJ-7. My dad figured if I were responsible enough to drive I should be responsible enough to go buy my own car.  (This was his first mistake  ) I managed to talk a guy out of his 1967 Camaro for $1,000.

The car did not run and the guy needed to sell it because he lost his license. (Should have been a sign  ) I little research and we found the car to actually be a 1967 RS/SS that had the motor replaced with a 1969 Corvette LT1. Of course 370hp was not enough and pretty soon the car was sporting a 525hp 406cid motor. Can you guess how long my driving privileges with the state lasted? Giving 500hp of raw chevy v8 to a teen should be a felony!! Teens should not be allowed to drive anything that does wheelies  ! Great car to take to the high school drags though.

By the age of 18 I had my driving privileges back  and had converted to motorcycles. Of course motorcycles are much faster for the buck and chicks dig them, but as a speed addict working his way through college this was the only thing I could afford the insurance on with my driving record.  

I actually took to road racing motorcycles for a couple of seasons but did not have a very competitive bike. I worked for every motorcycle shop, parts house and rebuilder I could to afford parts to race with. Somewhere in all this activity I made the switch back to cars and Jeeps. I was addicted anyway you looked at it.

Not entirely sure how it happened but I found myself starting to actually teach performance driving. I felt like the king of the world. Eventually I found myself writing articles for an online magazine

I could talk all day about all the cars I have owned and built but you should really know I am driven by two major things in life. One is the need to help people and improve the world around me, the second is cars! I spent several years as a police officer and now own my own financial advising practice to fulfill my need to help people. If it weren't for needing to fill that void I am sure I would have turned out to be an automotive engineer or a writer for "Road and Track"

I have a 2001 GTi VR6 but somehow that was not quite enough. I would bet that you could hear the gears in my head turning a mile away when I discovered the Audi S4. Anything that come with all wheel drive and the potential for 500hp deserves my attention. The reality is this: Buying the S4 has been like giving Crack Cocaine to a recovering cocaine addict. This of course is what drove me to RMCB5.

Everyone at RMCB5 has been great! I look forward to growing with the club and learning more from everyone here.


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