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My first mod!!!


I did my first mod today! It couldn't have been easier.

Blaupunkt Heidelberg

I have to thank Bonthron for his technical info on how to install, using the stock harness - just move a couple pins and it's plug and play. If anyone is interested you can check out his install page: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=904974

More mods to come - soon enough!  :)


Nice....baby got some tunes!!!!! 8)

Looks sweeeet :D

speaking of deck installs, anyone know who makes a deck that has RED light and no funky sheeite lights in it? i hate the mixed lights on my dash!

Madigan, that looks good and I bet you sure like the upgraded sound.  I went from a tape player to a CD/MP3 player and that was a big step up!

Mike, I don't know of any, but maybe Pat does...he knows many things Audi...


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