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I'm bored, cheap and heard of this getting done...cut a hole in the airbox, run a dryer hose or something of that nature to the grill in the bottom. I'm going to do it so if anyone wants to join me...we can do Boris' sunroof mod, (my chasbar?$$) and BBQ....all I need to do is find another airbox :?

Recent mods:
Dropped in a K&N
Chopped up my bottom grill for more air
Swapped engine cover badge and trunk badge

Up and Coming with my Job:
Relocate Passat badge
20vt badge underneath it
Ram Air intake

Well the man you want to talk to is Boris, he helped perfect the Mod known as the Colorado Airbox Mod (originally known as the Minnesota Air Box mod). There is a write up for it on Clubb5.com, well sort of, check this link out:


Thanks Jay, looks like the COAM's been perfected...maybe I'll give Chas a ring...

as you know...I am always up for a BBQ...get something going over in the GTG setion, I think we are ready for another garage day!!!!

BBQ sounds good. I'll help you with the airbox.


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