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Let's all

crash Jay's house and help him work on the website.

Jay has it hard as our Website admin.  I say we give him some support and give him some input on the website directly at his house.  Of course, we

could provide beer, do W8 lights, etc.

Also, I want a rematch with Elvis.  He wasn't himself that last time.

In addition, I work nights next week, so I can do a daytime GTG with anyone that is interested...

Winston, I would be up for that.  I

am not an internet expert, but could offer an opinion from time to time...as well as down a few beers :)   As you know, I don't work during the day,

and I would be up for a possible GTG next week.  I also need to find time to get Amanda's W8 light in...if she has not already done it herself.

Let us know what day/days you are thinking of.

I would love help with the W8 light, it

should be a breeze now that both of you have done it. I could probably tear myself away for part of a day too, except tuesday, I have jury duty and

then a dinner to go to at 5.
And of course I'd love to help with the website and hang out with you guys.

Let me know what you guys come up

with.  Maybe I could sneak away from work for an afternoon.  Jay might be pretty busy with this e-commerce thing he's working on though.  Maybe

we should do a virtual GTG and not invade his home?

I keep waiting for Jay to chime

in here, but since he's not, I say we just crash his house one day and hang out and not let him get anything done.

I have to be at work at 5pm, but I'm game for a "hanging out" until then any day this week...



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