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I'm chiming in ;)  I don't think I'm

going to do the e-commerce deal.  First off I don't think what my Bro-In-Law is planning on doing is a good idea, and I don't want to be a part of

it.  Second, it will be a big, make it huge, challenge for me to do by myself and I just found out Friday that I am going back to working full time for

now (yay!).  So all that together makes it not a reasonable idea.

As for a GTG, I'll only be available on the evenings/nights for at least the next few weeks.  If you anyone has any creative ideas, as in layout,

graphics, logos etc etc etc.  Feel free to e-mail them to me or post them in the thread about site comments or whatever it was called.

I'm going to get at least a top nav going on here before I go to bed tonight, so look for that really soon.

PS.  I may have another freelance site lined up for a small indie production company that my one of my roomies has been working with.

Wow Jay

sounds like things are going good for you right now!  I'm so happy to hear you're working full-time again, that's got to be a relief.  I sure hope it

doesn't interefere with the amount of time you can spend with us (you know, the most important people in your life ;))!  


Hmm.. maybe we will have to crash

at Jon's house then... he seems like the next likely candidate. We can still brainstorm for ideas for the site and do a little garagin'...

I just got canceled from work, so I

will be sleeping tonight in stead.  So if you want to do a mini Garage day here Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, let me know...I would be up for

that.  Anytime during the day would be great.



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