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April 2005 - Rian_Colorado


OK, so pull up a chair, this is going to take a while!

So where should I begin, the cars? Or the websites? Lets start with the cars, as that’s what began it all for me.

It was probably 95’ or 96’ that I saw a commercial for the “new A4” (B5 A4) and I was instantly in love. I saw one on campus about a month later and couldn’t stop drooling on some lucky kid’s new ride. I was hooked. 3-4 years later I was living in Seattle, and caught a glimpse of a similar looking car rolling past me an on to an on ramp “what was that!” I had just seen my first Passat, and was instantly in love with the design. When I found out that it was basically an A4 with some different body work, I was sold. Nearly a year later I rode in a friend’s car, and could not believe such a nice automobile could be had at SUCH a good price, however I was out of work at the time, and not QUITE in the position to make such a purchase! A few months later I found a good job, and bought a house, all within about 3 weeks. “Damn” I thought, “I’m never going to have one!” The itch popped back up about 2 months later, and as I was backing my 90 accord out of the garage to go test drive Passats (as I’d never driven one) the power locks quit on the Honda “I hate this car” I said as I leaned over to manually flip the latch on the passengers door for my wife… then the latch snapped off in my hand. “that’s it. I’m not bringing this car home”. I hadn’t left the garage, and already a salesman had made a sale he didn’t know about yet! Later that afternoon, I bought my first new car. A 99 Passat V6, 6spd with the PJ6 package! I was SOO excited. I e-mailed a buddy I had worked with in Seattle about my purchase (he was a GTI fan) and he completed my downfall. “Here” he said, and gave me the link to Crap, now my cool car wasn’t cool anymore!... and so the modding began! Now 6 years, 3 cars, and 5 or 6 websites later. Here we are. I’ve sold that car to buy my original favorite design (though I actually still like the B5 Passat body best of all) I now own a 2000 Audi S4. I also purchased a 2000 Passat wagon, so you might say I like these cars  :)  

As to how I got to RMCB5, well, it’s been a long road since the first local vortex meet that Chas and I worked on!  How far we’ve come from that first snowy meet in the parking lot of the Jefferson County building in Golden!  Like several here, I went thought the “downed server” period at Vortex, and someone e-mailed me about some guy that had started a Passat specific website. Club B5 had been born. Several meets, a Nat. GTG and many track days later, the locals decided they needed a more regionally minded group, and so RMCB5 was born. I haven’t been as involved since it’s inception, but it’s nice to know I’m still remembered!

Let’s through a little bit about what you all care about in here though….. the car!

My current wallet drainer is my 2000 Audi S4. It took me about 6 months to find what I wanted… a Nogaro blue, 6spd with blue/black Alcantara sport interior. I began by doing “the essentials” Tint, clear bra, new shift knob, RS4 Grille, Toy Guy short shifter, hardwired passport 8500. Since I had the stereo equipment lying around from the Passat, in that went! 4x100 PPI amp for the fronts and a 10” sub, 2x100 PPI for the rears. All Boston Acoustic speakers, Kenwood Deck (and now a 20G Phatnoise) with a custom dash install with boost and oil pressure guages, and in the last few months, a custom sub enclosure and a complete re-do of the trunk.  Then came the handling, H&R “street” coil-overs, Slotted/cross-drilled Zimmerman rotors and Hawk pads,  BBS CH 18” rims and Toyo T1S rubber.  In the last month, I’ve also installed a UUC VM2 exhaust. It’s a little loud, but I’m liking it more all the time  :) . Several people have asked me when I’m going to start with the power. I still have the same response. This car can get you in SO much trouble SO fast in stock form, that it’s plenty of fun. However that’s just masking my concern for the turbo reliability factor in the S4, and the fact that I’d rather just do the whole ride (K04’s etc) then get there piece mail. I’m betting once I have a new job however, that a GIAC chip might find it’s way under the hood….  I’ve done a lot of custom work to this car, Modded “RS4 look” front end, custom tweeter pods, fiberglass sub enclosure, amp rack and trunk paneling, custom camera mount, and it’s by no means finished! My list of “future mods” is way too long to list, but as we all know, it’s fun to dream! Here are a few pictures

I’d like to thanks Chas, Dave, and Boris for being so cool and helpful along the way, you do meet the nicest people in the car world I swear! I’d also like to thank Jay, Winston, Pat and Jon, for the help, as well as really maintaining the on-line community. For a hobby, and no paying work, you guys do some awesome things. I’d also like to apologize to last months RMCB5OTM Charles. I brought Charles down for his first group drive, then watched him try to follow me through a corner only to crack up his ride  :( . I still feel bad!

Thank you all for the honor of being this months RMCB5 of the month! It’s been fun thinking back on all of this  :)


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