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What's up with the discussion on Club B5 about pulling the DRL relay and the e brake icon not lighting up on the dash? Has anyone experienced this. I pulled relay 173 and have no problems...that I know of.

http://www.clubb5.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=51045 (scroll down)



This is not an issue I am aware of.  Mine does not have this problem.  This may be an issue with the newer 2001.5 (B5.5) models.  I wouldn't worry about it too much if someone can't tell their e-brake is on anyway they probably shouldn't be pullin the relay either ;).

It is not an issue.  I did it on my 2001.5, and again on my 2003 when I put in the Hella OEM spec Bi-Xenons.  When I moved those lights over to Reem01's ride, a 2002, we also pulled 173 and have had no problems.  UberGrrl also has Xenons in her 2002 and pulled her 173 with no other problems.

Not sure what other people did over at CB5, but maybe they hit something else, snagged a whire, or were just too forceful when they pulled the relay out, but from what I know with practicle experience, there are no problems to speak of.


Who knows what's going on with those who said the e brake icon doesn't light up after pulling 173. I was just curious why some were rapping about it on CB5. Oh well...

Hey, 03 Indigo nice avatar and you own a Mini? Cool!

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As of Monday I own a Mini...and I changed my avitar this morning back to the Gorillaz...they rock, I know Winston already noticed.


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