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Local Clubs you guys might not know about...


Hey guys and gals, there are more VW clubs here in town than you can shake a stick at.

Two with forums

DCI is Dubsquad Conglomerate Internaional :

Colorado Springs:

They both have GTGs fairly often and are helping plan the Dubs Along the Rockies.  Let me know if any of youse feel like partying with these folks.  

I'm sure we would have a good time...

Party on Wayne....Party on


Excellent ;)  

I'm always up for meeting new people, you know that Winston.  719 might be more difficult to get together with, being in Co. Spgs., but it wouldn't

be too hard to hook up with the DCI crew sometime  :lol:

Speaking of other clubs, is anyone interested in going to the BEST gtg on Dec. 22nd? I think it's the 22nd at least.  Just wonderin'...


One of my New Years resolutions is to try to have more time for our fun stuff.  Sounds like fun, I'm in.


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