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Changing batteries in remote

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I have a 2001.5 Passat and haven't seen one posting at any vw forum on how to change the new remotes batteries, or if you even can do it. Getting close to two and a half years and starting to worry a little. Can't really see myself paying the dealership $45 bucks + to do something for less than $10 in batteries and some of my time. If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated. BTW the new keys don't have a slot in the side of them to pry it open, but have heard of them having a screw under the VW emblem???????????  Don't really know :oops: ...


I haven't heard anything on this either.  Mine has 3+ years on it and is still working, although the range is not quite what it was.

I'd post over to CB5 to see what some of the other fanatics have to say  :wink:

I would also like to know.  Mine is also 3+ years and the range can vary, but it is not as far as it used to be.

Already did that and I received more interest here than there. It seems no one knows or they aren't talking for whatever reason. Hopefully someone else here will know. My range on the remote is considerably shorter than it used to be, especially for the trunk(need to be within 3 feet to work reliably)

there was a "how to" somewhere on the web that I printed up a while ago...let me see if I can find it again and I will post the link here.


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