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Junkyard day tomorrow.

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I know it's

late notice, but I was thinking about going to the junkyard tomorrow to see if I can find some parts off of a totalled B5.  I need an a pillar cover to

replace the one I will cut for my gauges, and maybe even a new turbo and ECU...I'll let everyone know what I come up with...

Call or email me if anyone wants to go...

Winston, I would totally want to go,

but I ended getting called into work at 11pm.  I am still here and i am so, so very tired.  If you go later in the afternoon, I might be up for it, after a

few hours of sleep.  I will check in later this afternoon.

Wow now

that sounds like all kindsa fun, Win!  I'd love to join you for a romp through the junkyard, but I have company coming

over today so :(  Maybe next time...


Winston...i ended up sleeping until

about 0730 this morning, so I never got up to give you a call.  How did the Junkyard quest go?  I would love to rummage through a Junk yard

sometime.  Let us know what you found....


Well for those that did not go, this

junkyard turned out to do business differently than the last time I was there, so I'm on a quest to find another one...

I'll let you know what I come up with so we can have a successful junyard mission...


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