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« on: June 11, 2005, 05:26:06 PM »
I was thinking about imstalling a MSD 6 on my A4BUG. It has the motronic 7.5. Anyone out there done this? Will it even work.


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I don't have the answer but give them a day or so to respond as it's the weekend.
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MSD is not really for performance, as it does not deliver multiple sparks over 3000 RPMs.  It might get you a little more cruise fuel economy, but some people have found no improvement and the boxes can fail unexpectedly.  I say save the money.

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What gains are you hoping for?  Better 1/4 mile?  It seems like just more trouble and other issues that can go wrong.  I personally am not big into 1/4 mile stuff, and I don't know anyone that really is.  Do you have other mods to the 1.8T?  Seems like there are other gains for less money out there, but if you are already modded and looking for that little gain, this might be all that is left for you.

The more complicated things get, the more they break down, and we all know how complicated the 1.8T is, and how small that turbo is.

I don't know this product that well, but also never considered my opinions are limited...but if i had to give an would be PASS...not worth the money, no real gains, too much can go wrong.