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If you need an alignment...
« on: June 19, 2005, 12:57:19 PM »
If you need an alignment head up to Tire Source in Boulder. I did mine up there yesterday morning. It was $49 for the 4 wheel alignement to my specs. I talked with them about what STaSIS recommended and what he recommended and then he went to work. 1hr later and $49 poorer i was on the way home. All i can say is that an alignment makes a HUGE difference in the handling of the car.

Since the camber is not adjustble on these cars, it is basically dictated by the ride height my front and rear camber at at -1.4deg. I was suprised that they were identical and even both sides were identical.

Toe was set at 1/32 Toe-In for the front and 1/16 Toe-In for the rear. He was hesitant to do anything more aggressive than that since i am still haivng to drive this car every day and he did not want to sacrifice to much high speed stability.

The car handles so well now, i can't wait to take it so 2nd creek or Pueblo.