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Special thanks to Mike for

helping me out with shopping and transportation.  Now time to get it cleaned up and waxed

1996 LR Discovery SD

I'd like to be the first to say, nice

choice.  Now you'll have to go wheelin with me in the summer.

How fun, Jon!...so any mods planned?



Jay, I can't wait to do some

wheelin' next summer.  I love off roading, but have not really had much of a chance to do it in the past.  I should be good to go now.

Wendy, no real mods on this one, I plan on having it as my "beater".  It needs new tires, so I will do that soon, and I really need to work on the

exterior, but the interior is in great shape.  I think I want to keep it pretty much as is, just kinda restore it since it was never garaged.  The paint is

very oxidized on the hood and top of the car, almost all of the window moldings need to be replaced, and I want to re-finish the crash-bar and other

things like the bumpers.  I might put a better stereo in it sometime later, it came with an Alpine CD changer, but the stock HU is a piece along with

the Kmart style speakers :roll: I don't think LR was ever known for their sound systems.

Overall, I am pretty happy with it, but time will tell. I know they are maintenance beasts, so we will see.  I can put 7 people in it though, it has those

2 jump seats in the back...so like Amanda said...we can all go shoeing and go in the same car...the party mobile...aka the

DISCOvery, or Disco for short.  You know me and my lights...I am the disco man   :P


--- Quote ---You know me

and my lights...I am the disco man
--- End quote ---

So does that mean you'll go shake your groove thing with me some night???  :mrgreen:


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