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August 2005 - Ian (ianacole)


(Insert Charlie Brown's Teacher voice for the "...")


"Why yes, I was very surprised and honored by being selected as the Member of the Month. I've only been a member of RMCB5 for four months, and I don't own a B5 VW/Audi. I've really enjoyed the community; I'm not a very social person, believe it or not, and the RMCB5 members have been extremely friendly and helpful. I think it was Randy [kraut-sled] who referred me to the site; I registered the first day I visited."


"Yes, I've always been into cars. A quick perusal of my list of cars reveals that I have an affinity for European cars (10 of the 22) followed closely by Toyotas (I currently own two of these)."


"I'm not sure why European cars. The oldest memory of a car that I have that made me go 'Wow!' was a poster of a Porsche 930 slant-nose cabriolet, maroon red. Perhaps it's my heritage. I was born in Kaiserslautern, and still have family there (Aunts, Uncles, and cousins). The license plate on the front of my car was a gift from my Uncle. When he heard that I had purchased a new VW, he sent me the plate off his VW Polo."


"What led me to the purchase of my current VW was the death of my 1985 BMW 318i. When I saw my first 1984 GTI I swore to myself that someday I would walk into a VW showroom and buy a new one off the floor. When the BMW died, my wife was shuttling me to and from work as I worked to fix the car. After 3 months she finally got frustrated enough that over dinner one night she told me to go get a new car, one with a warranty. We left the restaurant and headed straight for the VW dealer. I was intending to purchase a Black VR6, but the salesman talked me into test driving the 1.8T. We were out driving the car and getting onto west-bound C-470 from south-bound University. As I turned onto the on-ramp, the salesman from the back seat said "Punch it!" So I did. I was at 90+ MPH at the top of the on-ramp, and I went back and signed the paperwork. It was my wife's idea to get the green, and I'm very thankful that she convinced me to do so."


"Yes, I have done quite a bit to the car. I have tried to keep the exterior modifications minimal, and in good taste. I am not a fan of chrome, so I've tried to eliminate it wherever I could. I think the dark accents go well with the green."


"No, I've done all the modifications myself, save chipping the ECU. I've had some assistance in some cases, like Randy [kraut-sled] coming over to help with the installation of the TopSpin harness. Anyone who has been around me for any length of time, especially working on cars, knows how much I love to work on any vehicle."


"Yeah, there have been a couple of times I thought that I was definitely in over my head. When I installed the TorSen differential I had to drill out the rivets on the ring gear, and then heat the ring gear with a torch to remove it from the stock diff for installation on the new diff. I had a moment when I was setting up the drill press when I told myself that this step was the point of no return. But, fortunately or unfortunately (I think it's a blessing, my wife thinks it's a curse), I'm not afraid to break my car. I figure "If I can break it, I can fix (or replace) it. I've learned a couple of things though. My car just "raddles," no fixing it, no finding it. When a car is running great, it's probably about to break. And you really can use a pair of pantyhose for an alternator belt on early model Rabbits."


"Accolades? Not really, maybe a couple. I took 5th in the Enthusiast class at the 2004 European Car 1.8T Challenge. There was a nice little write-up in the December European Car. At the RMCB5 Dyno Day I put down the most horsepower and torque of any of the 1.8T cars there that day (fortunately Jack [spicoli] hadn't finished his Stage III+ kit yet) with 226/264 HP/TQ. Finally, in my 5th autocross event (a couple of Sundays ago), I took 4th in my class (Street Modified - SM) and 4th for Novices on the day (across all classes). I'm building my car for myself, so magazine features and whatnot do not interest me...placing in autocross does."


"Done hearing about me already? Just kidding, of course it's about the car. It's a 2002 VW Golf (yes, Andrew, it's a Golf) GTI; AWP engine code. It came with cloth interior, Sport Package (moon roof, 17" alloys) and the cold weather package (my wife really likes the heated seats). I bought the car on January 22, 2002, with 9 miles on it. It now has 62,850."


"My favorite thing I've done to the car, besides purchase it? Hmmmmm, that's tough. I really like all of it; it would be very difficult to pick one single modification. I still get a chill every morning I leave my house to head to work and see my car waiting there for me. After 3 years my car still gives me chills; is that enthusiasm or fanaticism?"


"Yes, here is the list of modifications:

Megan Racing 2.5" downpipe w/ high-flow cat
APR 91 octane and stock performance chip
ECS Tuning polyurethane dogbone bushings
3" ducted and shaved airbox (home-made)
Forge Motorsports 006 diverter valve
ECS Tuning N75 race wastegate valve
ECS Tuning lightweight (7lb) flywheel
Bosch 4-bar fuel pressure regulator
NewSouth Performance intake gasket
ECS Tuning lightweight pulleys
Peloquin TorSen Differential
ECS Tuning Stage 2 clutch
APR 2.5" cat-back exhaust
Samco 5-Piece Hose Kit (it's currently only 4, really. I'm missing a hose)
Samco turbo inlet pipe

ECS Tuning rear polyurethane coil spring isolators
Ground Control adjustable camber/caster plates
Bilsteins struts (front) and shocks (rear)
Eibach 1.8" lowering SportLine springs
Intrax 28mm front swaybar
Intrax 25mm rear swaybar

Brembo X-drilled & slotted rotors w/ Hawk HPS pads (Ft)
Zimmerman X-drilled rotors w/ Hawk HPS pads (Rear)
BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW-2 225/40/R18 (street)
Centerline 18" Black Pearl RPM rims (street)
Autotech braided stainless steel brake lines
Kosei 17" Gunmetal K-1 TS (racing)
Avon Tech-R 225/45/R17 (racing)

Black VW badging front and rear (semi-debadged rear)
Green 42 Draft Design green LED city lights
Black angel-eye projector headlights
Black GrillCraft lower grill inserts
Lamin-X 17% smoked headlight film
Motivational windshield banner
Smoked turn indicators
Self-smoked taillights
Black-painted calipers
Smoked side markers

Alpine CDA-9833 MP3 Head Unit and 6-disk changer W/ XM
Schroth rallye-3 ASM 3-point harness (passenger)
Top Spin Design 4-point racing harness (driver)
Faze reverse EL boost gauge (column mounted)
Split-Fire gauge pod

"I've also removed the back seat, run Motul Racing brake fluid, and when racing, remove everything that I can."


"Sure, here are a couple of pictures:

"A couple of shots from the front:

"The harnesses:

"And the dash:

"And for anyone (VWVortex) critical of my stickers, you can kiss my...



"My future plans? Well, get faster, of course, and I'm going to be redoing the taillights; Hella smoked, I think, as well as replacing the turn indicators with a darker smoke. Cosmetically, the only other thing I want to do is blend and color match the front and rear valances and the mirrors. And maybe remove the rub strips. And then...well, it will never stop..."


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