Author Topic: Vacuum hose screw clamp installation.  (Read 2818 times)

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Vacuum hose screw clamp installation.
« on: September 07, 2003, 09:42:34 PM »
I know that it is not hard to put clamps on a hose, but I found a way that may make life a bit easier during installation.  The following instruction will make the actuall install of the clamps a breeze.  Thanks to Chas for his thought and inspiration.

I bought 8 of the smallest hose clamps from Home Depot (UPC# 078575126029) that I could find.  I found them on the sprinkler isle.  I then used a piece of left over silcone tubing from the vacuum job that I recently did and inserted the shaft of a philips screwdriver that was about the same diameter as the plugs on the engine.  I then put the clamp over the hose/screwdriver section and tightened down the screw and used a pair of pliers to maintain a roundness and kept turning the screw and moulding until it was locked down.  I then took a pair of wire cutters and clipped off the excess clamp at a 45 degree angle to keep sharp corners at a minimum.  I then removed the clamp and used the pliers to try to bring the clamp as close to round as I could.

Durning the installation, I tried to place the screw head in a position that I knew would be easy to get to if I needed.  The pictures will show what I am talking about.  The only one that was a bit awkward was the hose going to the back of the engine.  I had to face that one down and come up from underneath with the screwdriver.  Make sure that the exhaust assy. is cool for that one

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