Author Topic: new brake pads and possibly rotors?  (Read 7403 times)

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new brake pads and possibly rotors?
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Go to (my fav. search engine) and type in: racing brake fluid

More sites and info there than you can swing a dead cat at!



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new brake pads and possibly rotors?
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One more you might want to check out is Raybestos has a ceramic/metallic pad that rocks.  I have them on my trooper cuz i coulndt get Mintex for it and wanted something clean.  They are nearly as clean as the Mintex on my Passat, but stop that hulking beast with amazing power.  I will be looking for them on my next brake pad change for the Passat.  They were about 60 bucks as I recall for the fronts.


Your brakes would have sucked at the track if they were new-- remember my brakes last year?  They wouldnt stop and stunk something HORRIBLE.  It took about 3000 miles before I stopped hating Mintex, but htey are ok now (NOT GREAT, just OK).
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new brake pads and possibly rotors?
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A couple of thoughts on brakes
« Reply #32 on: September 24, 2003, 01:14:37 AM »
I've had a bit of experience on my A4 with trying to figure out brakes that would work well at Second Creek:
First experience was with the Mintex reds, as reported they didn't hold up.
Next I tried Carbotech Panther Plus' on the front with Mintex reds on the back, big improvement but I was still getting too much heat. My front caliper seals burned off.
Next I went to Carbotech Panther Plus on all four wheels and removed the front backing plates, great results almost no fade.
Next I upgraded to the A8 rotors, stayed with the Carbotech, Motul 600 fluid. With these I was braking as well as S4's that had Stoptechs and getting almost no fade.
If anyone is interested, I have retired the Audi from track use and have a good set of the Carbotechs that are free for the taking. Come and get them in Fort Collins or we can try and hook up when I come to Denver. I'll be at Coors Field Saturday for the BMWCCA autocross.