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Another thread on dream cars....
« on: January 28, 2006, 12:33:41 AM »
sort of.

So the excitement of last few days has sparked a sort of come to Jesus about cars and life.

We sat and looked at this $20K, 20 year old vehicle and thought about the pros and cons and of course tried to determine "how good" the vehicle really is. I have no experience with grey market vehicles and after doing just a little research I realized it was probably going to be a leap I didn't want to take.

So in having the flu or whatever it is I had this week I have spent time thinking about what it is I would really want in a car.

I love my Passat, but I must say I don't have a smile on my face every time I know I am getting in it. It doesn't mean it's a bad car, or no fun to drive, but maybe it isn't the perfect car for me.

I still have a lot of life to live...I hope, so there is always teh argument that I can get what I want later in life. At the same time I know that I could get what I want now, used, older or whatnot, and probably be very happy.

So now I think, I need to spend however much time it takes finding the car. Is it a BMW, a Mercedes, a Porsche, an Audi or VW? Is it a GM, a Chrysker a Ford?

All I know is I think if I keep the goal for $20K or less I can still find something that is me. I hate the thought of having to sell the Passat because it is so new, but I figure I wont know the car right away and enough time should lapse that it should make the sale of the Passat easier. Unless of course I find someone wanting to assume the lease ;)

I think I was so frustrated last year in my search for a car and looking at a lower price I couldn't find that happy ground.

So now the question is, practicality aside, what would you get?

I know I will look at BMW, I hope to look at some Porsche, late 80's early 90's stuff of course. Maybe some MB, especially if I could find a 190E 2.3 16. Renee isn't exactly excited about this quest, but is all for it to find the right car. She is afraid of Porsche and thinks it's a muscle car.

Tell me your thoughts...I am thinking a c4 in the Porsche flavor, maybe 3 or 5 series in the BMW?


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Re: Another thread on dream cars....
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2006, 01:16:59 AM »
20K does leave you a lot of room to work with.  to be honest though I would think twice about a 20K Pcar as a daily driver.  you could be facing some pretty high maintenance costs.  for that range, I'd look for a 2000 ish E46 BMW 328 or 330.  they have good power and are fun to drive.  ours has also been pretty much bullet-proof maintenance wise.
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Re: Another thread on dream cars....
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2006, 01:16:59 AM »


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Re: Another thread on dream cars....
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2006, 01:42:00 AM »
I agree with your comments on the pcar. Fortunately I have a couple friends who are more than intimate with their porsche's so they are my resource if I decide to look that direction. It's always on the list, but it is small.


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Re: Another thread on dream cars....
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2006, 02:44:35 AM »
well, for daily driver, I think the BMW route will be more comfortable and useful over time....thinking of those 4-5 days a year where snow is an issue....

I say, go with what feels right, go with your dream, because if you settle and get something else, you will want a change in a few years, so you are back to square one.

With my next car, in about 3 years, I want to find something that I believe will stand the test of time, be reliable, and functional.  I also want the fun to drive issue.  I have the MINI, so that is my "makes me smile every time I get in it" car...but my daily driver should also be fun, have style, and power/control.

If it were me, I would be looking at BMW myself over the Pcar for daily driving.


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Re: Another thread on dream cars....
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2006, 04:18:49 AM »
I have given a lot of thought to this topic today.  There are a lot of cars I'd like to own, probably a lot even within my means right now.  Just about anything in a '67, '68, or '69 muscle car, early '30s or '40s hot rod, R32, S4 (something in a twin turbo model), a '56 Nomad, '56 3-door suburban or '53 Apache with a supercharged big block on air bags as a tow vehicle, an old Kaiser Jeep, early '70s Land Cruiser, 66 vette, a new Tacoma (oh, wait...), a Z06, an old square back VW, an old Bronco with a blown 350 transplant, or any late model 930 turbo.

But, my ultimate dream vehicle still remains the '98 Turbo S; not even a Carrera GT is a dream (not that I'd say no if someone gave one to me).  Perhaps part of the dream is that it's not completely out of reason that I'll be able to afford one before I'm too old to appreciate it (I hope).

Perhaps pissing off the purists, regardless of my future vehicle, it will be a daily driver (excluding my potential race car VW :lol: ).  The whole point to me in owning a car the caliber of the Porsche is to drive it, not let it rot in a garage.

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Re: Another thread on dream cars....
« Reply #5 on: January 28, 2006, 07:53:52 PM »
Well, with graduation upon me, and hopefully some sort of gainful employment around the corner, I've been having similar thoughts about what would make happy in my next car.

New cars aren't really doing it for me, unless they're in $60,000 range like that awesome Corvette Z06.

But all in all, in my weeks of researching and trying to find something that fits, I've decided that spending $20,000-$30,000 is enough.  I think I read it in Car and Driver: "There's no reason for the performance-oriented driver to spend more than $30,000 on a new car."  

That said, here's my list:

2000-2002 Audi S4
2006 Ford Mustang GT
2006 Pontiac GTO
2000- BMW M3
2005 Dodge SRT-4
2005 Lancer Evolution

Ok, so the M3 you probably won't get for $20,000.  But the rest you can get for something around that.  Porsche is definitely +10 on the "coolness" scale, but would it make you happier than one of these?

As with anything, you need to decide what does put that smile on your face.  If you want to keep up with power, you're going to have to go with GTO/Mustang-style cars.  

If you want to stick with Europe, and the rich refined style coupled with medium-range power there, I'd start looking into used S4s.  BMW M3's circa 2000 are cool, but for $20,000, I think you'll have a hard time locating one.

And then there are the out-of-the-box, bolt-on tuners: SRT-4, Lancer EVO, WRX / WRX STi.  The car becomes what you want it to be, if you've got money and provided you're not completely satisfied with the standard package.

Roadsters are available too, new and used.  Z3's, TT's, 350Z's, the new Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky, all pretty cool and all available for something around $20,000.

If all else fails and you get really frustrated, break things and drink beer.  Read the sig and feel better.
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