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My profile...  :)

1999 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T
Black magic w/ tan cloth interior ; tiptronic

GIAC 1 bar chip w/ spare ecu
19” RH Evolution (Work) C6 wheels w/ 235/35-19 Pirelli P7000's (special occasion wheels)
S4 wheels w/ 225/45-17 Falken ZE-512's (everyday wheels)
Neuspeed sport springs with Bilstein shocks
Hella HID's w/stage II xenon's
Disabled DRL’s with independent city lights control
Clear corners and side markers
W8 dome light/sunroof control panel
Third brake light mod
Dual fog mod
Blaupunkt Heidleberg CD51
B5.5 plenum area cover
Blue tinted side mirrors
ECS lightweight crank pulley
Audi TT DV
C-bar (aka Chas bar)
WLED-6 city lights
FK badgeless grille
Votex front spoiler
Autometer boost gauge; a-pillar mounted
Alientech window remote

I have never really seen a wagon passat before. But then again I have never really looked.  I really like the picture, looks good with all the folage in the front. Too bad Denver is in its dead season. That mountain would be sick if it was green. Nice contrast with black and white. NICE WORK!!!!

Looking good. I really like it!!!!  :wink:  
I my past experiences, The first mod I would make to the 1.8T would definatly be a chip. It makes a world of difference. I play with new V-6 Mustangs all the time. My buddy has a 95'  5.0. It's close but I pull away.  Definatly get a chip for that baby. I'm pushin 225 now.  :D

Thanks for the complements! A chip is going to be my next big purchase. Now that I have the wheels and suspension out of the way - it's time to focus on the engine!  :)

bump, for two more mods... :wink:

as always Mark, I think you have one of the nicest Variants around!!!  Looking sharp.


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