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Yeah, mmmm, so.......

I am getting ready to throw a K04 and HUGE front mount intercooler in the car.  I am also going to relocate the Cat down streem.  I think some new wheels are also in order.

But I need the car back from SVE first. :wink:

ouch!  BTW, glad to hear everyone was OK.  I am sure SVE will make it right, then you can make it even better.   :wink:

Now Pat is just stuck being my courier to steamboat.

Man! Don't tell me you went the way of JayRyan?! It's a good excuse for mods, but not necessarily recommended :lol:

Sorry for the multipul posts, my computer was in a bad mood lastnight and I was not sure it was being posted.

It was not a bad crash, just bad luck.  Nothing worse then rocks hiding in a snowbank. :twisted:

bummer about the accident and glad to hear everyone is OK.....I took care of the extra posts for ya :wink:


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