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Those sneaky bastard rocks!   Glad everyone is OK.

Thanks for the well wishes.  I guess my pride is hurt more then anything. :(

I know SVE will get the car back loking it's best, then I can get to work in the turbo and intercooler.  Now if I can just convert to Quattro it will be all good.

In honor of the sites B-Day I updated my very first post ever......

In addition to with I have done on my car I would also like to note of few things, I now own/poses the following:

1. Ian's original hood - it is hanging on the wall in the shop (as well as a mess of other stuff he never picked up)
2. Jon's W8 Headlights, via Mike's Passat which I sadly parted out in the fall.
3. Mike's seats from the part out.
4. Charles whole car! Resurrected just last week from a broken timing belt (soon to be for sale I hope)
5. 1 Blow up K04 from Andrew's Allroad, soon to be turned into a lamp

I am sure there is more....

- Randy

Wow, sounds like a VAG graveyard.

If you want a contribution from me, you can have those worthless springs that always fall out from underneath the front seats.



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