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December 2005 - Kevin (KevB)


Well, my love for cars didnít really start till I was a senior in High School. Started off with my 1990 Eagle Talon and 6 cars later I have my 2003 GTI. Iíve had some growing pains as an enthusiast, 3 blown engines, 2 of them rebuilt, 1 blown turbo, and alignment issues that ate 2 sets of tires in 2 months. I started drag racing with my Talon, but could never figure out launching an AWD car. I didnít get back into racing till last summer when I started autocrossing. The bank I work for gave me a little money and I went to 4 events that year. This year I only made it out to one event. Iíve been to Second Creek 3 times and have loved running there, sadly we canít do it anymore.

Before my first VW I was a member the Colorado DSM Club. Great group of guys, but at least while I was there most of them were content racing in a straight line. A few liked road courses, but most were drag racers. Shortly after buying my GTI I was introduced to RMCB5 by a Mini owner who had just been to a joint track day. Iíve really enjoyed being a member of this club and have met a few of you at garage days and our track day back in May. I look forward to meeting more of you, so hopefully weíll have a GTG soon.

Hereís a list of the cars Iíve owned with mods, memorable moments, and their demise:

1990 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD

16g Turbo
Extreme Motorsports Manual Boost Controller
2.5Ē Buschur Racing Cat-back exhaust and high-flow cat
Rebuilt motor with 2g pistons
VDO Boost gauge in A-pillar pod
Eibach Pro-kit Springs
Ingalls Engineerng Control Arms
17Ē Enkie wheels w/ Dunlop Tires

Memorable Moments
Racing my friends Mustang Cobra down E-470 at 140mph
Beating the same car at Bandimere
Blowing the motor running 20psi boost, $2,500 damages
Falling asleep at the wheel and jumping a curb and the median, $3,000 damages

After rebuild and new turbo the car never ran the same. Had various leaks and an ignition problem. My parents were going to forgive all the money I owned them for fixing the car if I got rid of it, so bye bye.

1990 Mitsubishi Galant
Memorable Moments
Throwing a rod in Wyoming on my way to Utah

See Above

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix SE
K&N Filter

Needed something new

1994 Mitsubishi Ecplise GS (non-turbo)
K&N Intake
Autometer Gauges

Memorable Moments
First car I drove at Second Creek, on snow tires

Totaled in 5 car accident

1990 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

mine looked just like this one, minus the FMIC

Extreme Motrosports Manual Boost Controller
2.5Ē Downpipe
3.0Ē High-flow cat and cat-back
Rebuilt motor with high-flow exhaust manifold
Automoter Boost and A/F Gauges on the A-pillar

Memorable Moments
The joy I felt when I first picked it up
The joy I felt handing the keys to Mountain States when I traded it in

Never ran the same after rebuild, traded it in

2001 Jetta Wolfsburg

Split Second Boost Controller

Memorable Moments
The first rush of torque from the 1.8T
First experience with traction control

Traded in the lease

2003 GTI 1.8T

K&N Filter
Clear Corners
Debadged rear
Short Antenna
ATE Slotted Rotors w/ Pagid Pads

Memorable Moments
First autocross
Driving at Second Creek

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