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January 2006 - Scott (scott)


Most of you know me already, but I am 33 years old, love poetry, long walks on the beach... oh damn, wrong website! I am a relatively new convert to the VW and Audi world, but I seem tohave jumped in head first. My first move as an enthusiast was to start, and it was a wildly popular service with almost 600 members for about 2 years. I also had a similar service for BMW's called bimmermail, but it never really took off so I sold the domain to BImmerworld and they never used it! VW Mail then started to become to expensive for me to sustain so I changed it to a subscription servce and it is now quite a bit smaller but styill chugging along providing a cool email address to those of us who really want to express outr love for the dub at all times! I am also the founder of Dubs Along the Rockies, and I think 99% of you know all about that so we can move on!

My history with cars....

Well, the first car I ever owned was a 1994 Saturn SL2. I bought it new in Augusta, GA and loved that car. The short version of that where that car went goes like this. In 2002 I sold it to one of the guys I work with and allowed him to make a few payments, he bailed on the deal so I repo'd it. SInce I had lost my emotional attachment to it by then, my goal was to break it so I dragged raced it every single weekend as hard as I could. I would shift at 7200 still on the gas, and just have fun with that thing. My best time was a 16.47 (these were all at PMI, so that is pretty damn good!) but I never broke it. Then I re-sold it again for even more than the original sale... LOL

After living in Georgia we moved to Germany for 3 years and I owned all kinds of crazy stuff over there. I was not a VW guy back then, but the list includes an UBER rare 4 cylinder turbo Mustang that was not an SVO, and an 83 Opel Kadett that was modded beyond all belief and would FLY down the autobahn. I got both of those cars for free! In 1997 we moved back to the US, and we went to San Antonio, TX. Nothing special there, and then we wnt up to Watertown, NY. and then finally out here to Colorado in 2000.

The first VW I ever owned was an 86 cabby in high school... it was a HUGE pos and I only owned it for a week! The first one I ever owned as an enthusiast was an 86 Jetta turbo diesel that I got for free in late 2001. The car came complete with bullet holes (no I am not kiddding) and a MAJOPR smoke problem. My goal was to fix that thing up as TD Mk2's are pretty rare cars, but it ended up geting towed away before I could make it pass emissions:

Meanwhile, 2002 was the year that I started putting on Dubs Along the Rockies. Even though the show sucked in my opinion, the proceeds from that first year of the show allowed me to buy an 88 Jetta GLI that was sitting at the swap meet of DATR #1. I do not have many images of that car when I first bought it, but it was bone stock and a STRONG runner. Here is are the only two I could find:

A sidenote.... I have to give credit to Pat Wells for several things. He basically taught me everything I know about the tehnical side of VW's, and he is responsible for even getting DATR started! We were on the phone one night and he just said "we should put on a show down here" I agreed, and 5 years later it is the best damn thing in the state! He is also that guy that gets credit for getting me started on both my VW/ Audi obsession and drag racing. When I first arrived in Colorado, Pat was in my unit and he owend a very nice, black, supercharged, Mk3 GTI VR6. He took me up to Bandimere a few times and that is how I got hooked. At the time we were hanging out with BEST VW.... but yeah, let's not discuss those dingbats anymore, ok?

Here is a shot of Pat's car, and a 2nd shot of his 16v caddy with my Jetta in the background at Bandimere for an IDRC race a few years ago:

Soooo.... back to the story...

Where was I? Oh yeah... drag racing! In 2003 I bought a SCREAMING fast 88 GTI with a 2.0 16v in it. This thing had an Oettinger built head with Shrick 268's and a MASSIVE porting job done by Oettinger... it was a thing of beauty. Here is a shot of the only damn drag race I got to run in it (due to rain) and I almost stalled it because I did not rev it high enough since I was running slicks... I still ran a 15.3 even though my 60 foot time was over 3 seconds!

So I was convinced that this car was not happy at the drag stirp, so I tried to autocross it... apparently this car has some issues with motorsport and rain:

and then finally I got a nice dry day and drove like CRAP!!!

So then I had the bright idea to make my Jetta the cool car since it was in much better shape than the GTI... so over a LONG time, I swapped all of the cool parts (coilover, motor, wheels, Rallye grille, etc. ) from the GTI to the GLI. The extremely short version of that story looks like this:

Here is the me working on the new clutch and crankshaft and the pretty motor all ready to go:

... and this is the good motor after I killed it (threw a rod):

So then I parted it out and sent it to Utah:

After that was over, I took a break and just drove my beater 88 GTI around for several months. Then I found a car, and the funny part was that Jay was looking at the exact same car as me, but graciously allowed me to go get it without a fight! I drove my 88 GTI down to Texas and sold it to a dude from Houston, and brought a mildly modded 1992 GTI back. Here is what the GTI looked like when it left and what the GTI looked like when I bought it:

and then I slapped on these wheels (BBS RF):

That car has since been sold, and the only VAG product currently left in my stable is this 92 Audi 100 that my wife drives:

So now I am driving around in my faithful 1996 Ford Taurus wagon, and just waiting for the right deal to come along. I am considering a Mk5 GTI, but I promised myself that I would never buy another brand new car, so maybe that will wait for a year or so. It depends on how long my Taurus lasts really, but eventually I will be back in a Mk2 because they just flat out rock.


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