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February 2006 - Ted (Denvernoob)



First, I would like to begin by saying that it is REALLY cool to be honored in this manner….ok…..I’ll dispense with the BS.  For those who don’t know me, I am virtually 28 (Feb 8th) and currently drive a 2004 (B6) Audi A4 1.8T Quattro, 6 speed manual with the Ultrasport Package.

I have always been a VW fan, as my father had an old Beetle most of my childhood (his favorite car) and currently has a 2001 turbo beetle as well.  I was previously into 4-wheeling (previous cars were: 1992 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD, 1995 Land Rover Discovery I, Manual Tranny…very rare might I add, 1997 Jeep Wrangler, 2000 Honda civic…clearly a mistake), and didn’t really make the transition to VAG until the new beetle arrived and I had the privilege of playing around in a 1.8t for the first time.  Although I didn’t fall in love with that particular look, I did fall in love with the engine and off we went!

Fast forward to 2004, I knew I wanted an A4 1.8T, but I didn’t know much about the platform or the options for the most part.  When visiting McDonald Audi, I saw the A4 Ultrasport and knew immediately that was the car I wanted.  I fell in love with the new Brilliant Red color, the body kit, the interior aluminum trim, and most of all, the 18x8 RS4 wheels.  About 30 days later I purchased one off a lot in Columbus, OH for about $4k less than here in CO, and I was on my way…..until a Honda Civic Si beat me in a speed contest…I realized I had purchased one of the best looking pigs on the road.

Having said all of this, I really didn’t know anything about the aftermarket potential of these cars, the availability of parts/chips/exhausts or otherwise, simply because the majority of Audis you see on the road are not visibly modified, and if they are, it’s still largely subtle.  Enter the online forums, fast forward about 1.5 years and here we are with the car we have today!  The mod list is as follows:

Go Mods:
• 380 cc Siemens Fuel Injectors
• GIAC FX ECU “Big Injector” Flash Programs
o Production 91 Oct and “Stock” Programming
o Custom 100+ Oct Race Programming
• Forge 007p Diverter Valve
• OEM Audi S4 Rear Anti-Roll Bar
• OEM Euro S-Line A4 Dual Side-Mounted Intercoolers
• SuperSprint Test Pipe
• APR Snub-Mount
• AMS Short-Shifter @ 40% Throw Reduction
• 235-40-R18 Z-Rated Pirelli P-Zero Nero Tires
• Neuspeed Extreme Turbo Inlet Pipe (Silicone)
• Thermal R&D “Street” Turbo-Back Exhaust with Down-Pipe

Show Mods:
• AWE Tuning Center-Vent Boost Gauge
• AWE Tuning Aluminum Pedal Covers
• MOMO “Shot” Shift-Knob and Boot
• OEM Chrome Mirror Housings
• OEM 18x8in RS4 Wheels
• H&R 12mm Rear / 5mm Front Wheel Spacers

The general theme behind modding my car has been “sleeper.”  I love the stock appearance of the car, and hope to maintain it with only minor visual enhancements, such as the mirrors and shift knob mentioned in the show list.  I have never been a fan of “ricing out” a car to the point where it looks like a jumbled, mismatched pile of parts and stickers.  The OEM DSMIC helped out in that department, as one who doesn’t know can’t even tell its there.  The only truly visible mod is the exhaust, mostly because of the larger tips as opposed to stock.

As far as future plans for the car go…I’m looking at a clutch and light-weight flywheel, then a larger turbo (TBD), and possibly a somewhat different front brake setup, also TBD over the next year.  That is it for the car for the time being…I love VAG cars truly, and appreciate both air and water cooled products…as there is a fine tradition and history associated with this manufacturer…highlighted (in my opinion) by the Auto Union Silver Arrows of the 1930s to the original Beetle to the latest GLIs and RS4!

A few thanks to send out here since I have a relatively open forum.  First, thank you to Randy and Mark at Autobahn Premier Service, you guys are great down there.  You are the only guys to lay a finger on my car, and I hope to keep it that way.  Thanks again for putting so much work/sweat/blood/and almost an eye (while changing injectors) into mods that virtually nobody sees, but I certainly appreciate.  Also a shout out to Zev at Avalon who really helped me catch the modding bug (I don’t know if I should really thank you for that, I have spent way too much money on this car).  Thanks to GIAC and Jeff Moss for the custom tune, the race program, and also for putting up with my needs and questions along the way.

Lastly, I have a great appreciation for the VAG community in the Rocky Mountain Region as they have truly helped me along in the modding process, helped educate me, and even helped fix a few hiccups along the way.  There is a great collection of both people and knowledge in this community, and I hope that tradition continues in the future.  Also, one last acknowledgement to the Saturday night crew…always a good time!



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