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FRS Radio suggestions?

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Well, I

received a nicd pair for GMRS radios. Upon learning that I need a $85 license to use them, I'm looking to exchange them for some FRS radios.  

Any suggestions?  The Moto 5420(?) appears to be popular.  I need a pair for no more than $55.


I bought some FRS radios a few

years ago from some sporting goods store out of state.  They were $60 a piece, but they were clearing inventory and were selling them 2 for 1.

Anyway, I haven't followed the market too much since, however I would look for in this order:

channel combinations, ease of use, battery life, features

There are sooo many out there, some are a pain to figure out how to change channels and other adjustments.  Features aren't that big of a deal if

you are always going to be using them in a mixed group because not everyone will have the same radios with the same features.  That is what

happens when we have our drives.

The more channel combos the better, for example on our group drives we are always stuck on a base channel, like 8.  We always get a ton of

feedback and noise and it is really irritating.  If we were on somthing like 8 sub 10 it might be crystal clear with no interference or anything else.

Motos seem to be the best, Cobra is good too (after all they make CBs).  You should be able to get 2 great FRSs for the price you mentioned.  I

would avoid generic and/or brands that are notorious for cheap products.

As for the ones you received, those are sweet too, I think they have a range of like 4 or 5 miles while FRS is only 2.  You can use them without a

license (IIRC), but if you get caught the fines are pretty steep.

I hade a friend who had those, and they were incredible, of course he didn't have a license, but man they were good.

PS.. I Like the new avatar.

Thanks Jay.  There are so many

radios, it's hard to compare.  Your experience is helpful.  I'm sort of only looking at Moto, Cobra, and Uniden.  It's hard to tell online which are

pairs and singles, and wha the features are.  It's also hard to evaluate long distnace and battery usage from reviews.  I so far haven't found a

decent web site.

Pretty much all FRS radios are

limited to 2 miles.  That range can increase or decrease based on obstacles and line of site.  If you're standing on top of a mountian looking into a

valley 3 miles below and someone is down there, they will probably pick up the signal.  If you're a quarter mile ahead of me on a twisty road in a

canyon you may not be able to get my signal.

Most online resources are uselss anymore.  Your best bet will probably be to go into Best Buy and look at them and maybe even see if a sales

person has any sort of knowledge.

Places like REI and EMS sell the ones with the features like weather channels and such.  That would be a nice to have!

Here are some links:
Cobra (session may expire) -


Motorola (session may expire) -

Uniden -

It looks like Uniden and Cobra both have 2 paks readily available.  Motorola is the only one that looks to be stingy on the two packs.

Thanks again Jay.  I hadn't looked

at vendor sites yet.  You saved me some leg work.  It looks like Uniden FRS-440 or the cheaper FRS-420 are what I'm most interested in.  Now to

see if Best Buy carries them.


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