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Letters to VAG
« on: February 22, 2006, 09:38:44 PM »
interesting thread over on Audiworld.  Several of us there are concerned about the fact that Audi no longer sees fit to offer a manual tranny in anything larger than the A4/S4.  we are also concerned that AoA has seen the new allroad that Audi has built but will likely not make it to the US due to concern about competing with the Q7.

these concerns have combined to develop a write in campaign to Dr. de Nysschen to see if the enthusiast community can't sway some of the opinions held at AoA about what cars we want to see.

I thought the group here would get a kick out of the letter below.  I agree 100% with this letter and am thinking about copying/sending it myself.  enjoy:

Dear Dr. de Nysschen,

My name is RMcQ. I am 30+ years old, married with children, earn a good living, and I still have a Fast. My Fast tells me not to even consider buying vehicles without a manual transmission. My fast also told me to tell you that your Fast is broken. My Fast says that enthusiasts are an important part of your market even if we don't represent the lions share of the numbers. Anyone with a functional Fast would understand the importance of at least making a manual transmission available for guys like me. Until you realize this me and my Fast will continue to drive my 5 year old allroad which means that you don't make any new sales from me and my Fast.


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Re: Letters to VAG
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2006, 09:48:01 PM »
I'd fix some of the grammar first.  Otherwise, I LIKE IT :lol:
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Re: Letters to VAG
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