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I am going to get my car clear bra'd here shortly, but the front has a lot of the little white specs in the paint from the road crap, but no major chips. If i clear bra over this will they be visible or will they kind of blend in?  I am trying to not have to repaint the whole front end, but i don't want any major chips.. Any advise?

I don't know.. I do know some small scratches and such do disappear.  I would guess that if you see the primer (white/gray under the paint) you'll see it through the clear bra too.

I know a good guy for doing clear bra if you haven't found anyone yet eric.

jack -  is your guy closer to the north end of town? Jon recommened IDS but they are in the south end of town.  I don't  have any scratches, just a bunch of little pin sized pit marks. I think them should disappear pretty well as they are only noticible in certain light and up close (2-3 feet). Maybe i will go see your guy and see what he has to say.

Galen (Pro Tint) - Wads and Colfax.  Not exactly north part of town.  There are a lot of people that do good jobs, I have just been happy with Galen so I go see him for any tint or clear bra needs.


If you let him know jack ham referred you, him give you a small discount

kewl. thanks for the info jack. I will go see him after i pick up my car from Randy @ Apex next week.


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