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April 2006 - Al (TurboDub)
« on: April 01, 2006, 01:27:35 PM »

First Iíd like to say that I very much appreciate the fact that RMCB5 finally overlooked the fact that I currently drive a Japanese car, and found it in their hearts to pick me as MOTM for April 2006! :lol:

I live in Denver, but am a transplant from New Jersey! Yes, the one and only ďGarden StateĒ. I grew up in a town about 5 miles outside of NYC, where if any of you have ever been there, will agree that there are A LOT of nice cars around. The wealth of the big city, and the fact that many foreign car companies set up shop in that area, made the streets into a automotive candy store for a car crazed kid like me.

I guess that is where a good portion of my love of cars comes from. A trip anywhere with my father or friends would inevitably end up as a game of  ďWhoa! Did you see that xxxx?Ē It was always thrilling to see the latest super cars just featured in the media, driving down the road only a few days later.

Thankfully, my father loves his cars too. The day he brought home a shiny new Mazda Rx-7, and took me for a quick ride down his favorite twisty road, I understood what it was all about. The grip, the power and the balance that car had was amazing to me. After all, it was my first ride in a ďsports carĒ! I remember giggling uncontrollably, even though I tried my best not to. I was absolutely hooked! It was a ride I will never forget.

Growing up, I found myself in a group of friends that all shared more or less the same enthusiasm for cars that I did. As it turned out, Volkswagens were THE CAR to own among my group of friends. I unfortunately was usually driving a very high mileage Japanese car, so I just adopted my friends VWís as my own -going for rides or stealing the keys whenever I could. Laughing The mix included an 83 Rabbit GTI, an 87 Jetta 16V, a 91 GTI, and two Corrados (A G60 and a VR6).

I didnít get my hands on my very own VW until I took delivery of a 2001 Jetta 1.8T. I was instantly thrilled with it! Though I soon realized that I needed a slightly larger one! Which is when I went out and picked up a 99 Passat 1.8T. I didnít do too much modding with these cars, but they are what ultimately brought me to RMCB5!

Currently I drive a 2005 silver Subaru Legacy GT. It now has about 12,000 miles on the clock as ďweĒ approach our 1-year anniversary (already?)! And although itís not a VW, I am loving every minute of it! With itís AWD and turbo motor, it can rip up the road when I get the urge, but itís also surprisingly comfortable when Iím just out cruising.

The car is at stage 1 now, thanks to a Cobb AP. Itís lowered with Ion springs, and sits on 18Ē Rota Tarmac IIís mounted with Kuhmo ASX tires. Iíve also upgraded the headlights to 4500k HIDs, debaged the rear end, and tinted the windows.

Future plans are limited as of now, though shockingly, my list grows longer all the time. :lol: This summer I am looking forward to installing a Cobb shift kit, Cusco sway bars, and possibly upgrading the brakes. We shall see where it all ends, I guess!  

In closing, I have to say that I have always found the RMCB5 community more than willing to offer a helpful hand, advice, or answers on just about ANY topic. The admins do an amazing job at keeping this one of my absolute favorite places to visit on the web. So even though I donít drive a VW anymore, I still stick around for the company! Itís really a great group of people here. I canít tell you how very much I appreciate having you all around!

Al (turbodub)


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