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Brigning back car some form.

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So I still have the old databse information sititng out there with all you older members car profiles.

I have been hoping to find time to re-port that mod over to this software and enable it. However, before I tackle that, someone is already working on porting over something called Garage, which looks to be pretty cool. It would give us a way to better show off our cars and it looks to have a built in ratings system and a ton of other features.

Of course it could all be overkill and the somplified car mod might still be the way to go. So check out the links below and vote on which one you like best.


Well I can't find anyone running it right now, but when i do I will provide a link. :)

I like the garage.  It seems like it will be a lot of work for the first time to set it up if you already have a lot of mods to the car.  A couple of quick and off the cuff observations:

1.)  Can comments be locked down to members only - no anonymous commentors?

2.)  It looks like each mod will link to pictures of that mod.  That can get pretty sizeable pretty quick.

3.) When using "Browse Garage" it would be nice if the columns are sortable.

4.) The "Install" column of the mods list threw me at first.  I was thinking that was a rating of difficulty to install, not cost.  I don't know if you can have a pop-up or a guidelines banner for the first time you enter the garage or something along those lines to provide definitions for the different sections and elements.  Also something with the standard "Your experience with mods and costs may be different blah, blah, blah..."

Seems like it might be overkill and would put some people off because of the level of effort to get their personal garage up, but I think it would be cool.

Those are some of my concerns as well Ian. I am waiting for the folks working on the port to put something out or link to their site so i can see the integration before any decision is made.

There are a few other options coming to light, but they are each setup individually.

Like any other addon, things can be added or removed, just depends how much effort I want to put into it. :)

Well, I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

Here is what's listed as features of the garage:

--- Quote ---This mod allows users of your forum to add details about their vehicles.
##         Each user can store a configurable number of vehicles and the following data about them
##         - Vehicle Details (including images)
##         - Modifications (including images)
##         - QuarterMile Times (including images)
##         - Rolling Road Runs (including images)
##         - Insurance Premiums
##         - Vehicle Guestbook - Allowing other users leave comments
##         - Vehicle Ratings - Allowing other users to rate the vehicle
##         The front page can be configured to display as requested the following
##         - Newest Vehicle (configurable number)
##         - Last Updated Vehicle (configurable number)
##         - Newest Modification (configurable number)
##         - Last Updated Modification (configurable number)
##         - Most Modified (configurable number)
##         - Most Money Spent (configurable number)
##         - Featured Vehicle (set vehicle or a random one)
##         - Top Rated Vehicle (configurable number)
##         - Top 1/4 Mile Vehicle (configurable number)
##         - Last Commented Vehicle (configurable number)
##         A complete premissions systems is available...allowing you to select what users can do.
--- End quote ---


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