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Cheap Alignment? Denver Pat says yes!

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Received an e-mail from our very own Denver Pat with a link to his post on AudiWorld.com.

Here is a link to the post with a quote too:


--- Quote ---Brakes Plus does 4-wheel alignments with their Hunter machine for $48. If you show proof you bought your tires at Discount it's only $40. They ensured me I could get a printout of the results, too. They can do it with wheels up to 17". If it's any larger they'll send you to a special shop they use. I don't know crap about alignments, but why would I want to go anywhere else? I've paid a hell of a lot more than that before.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for the info Pat!!!!!

Wow!  That's a good price for 4-wheel alignments...I wonder what the 2-wheel costs...

That price is huge good!

I'd be wary of getting work done at Brakes Plus though, wouldn't you?  I just haven't heard good things about them.  I seem to remember some TV station doing an undercover report on them and finding that they try to screw people over.
Chas has recommended Stan's Alignment in Aurora in the past and I got my front alignment done there for under $40.  Chas has more good things to say about them at the bottom of this thread: http://www.clubb5.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=19416&highlight=alignment

Dang Alan, did you have that saved as a favorite?  That is a blast from the past!  The last time I saw Scoty was a while ago!


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