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Thanks all for the welcome!

...hmmm how 'bout a "replacement front bumper GTG"? My significant other recently had an altercation with her mom's Boxter 2 weeks ago. She came home with a big ugly crack below the driver's side headlamp. She says it's hard to see, but I see it in my sleep... :(

Hey McFly,

I would totally love to replace my bumper.  I have the Votex spoiler right now and I'm asking for a spray gun for Christmas, so I'm going to repaint my front bumper and spoiler and maybe even my lowers if I find that I am any good at this...

not sure what bumper I want yet - exterior is bone stock. need a look up front that can stand alone for now (don't have the $$$ to match the rear at the moment). I'll have to see what's out there over the weekend!


--- Quote from: "Black16vee" ---Holy shit I want your Audi.  :)
--- End quote ---

me too.  That thing is sexy as hell.   8O


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