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Lower tie bar issues...

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So I saw the

e-mail list issues that Alan brought up. Very interesting indeed. I never even thought about that when I did my bar. But I have thought about that a

lot this afternoon and evening. And I think I have and idea for a solution that could work. It would probably be fine without this, but hey I'm game

to thinking about safety issues.

The idea is simple (the best ones are you know), create a fatigue point that won't hurt the bar from working propperly when not being crashed into

by the engine and transmission, but help it to fail when need be. The fatigue point would be two cut marks, one on top and the other below at the

point where the metal is thinest at the leading edge of the bolt hole. Again, I think the sheer wieght and trama of an accident of this type would be

enough to utterly destroy the aluminum bar. Steel might be another thing altogether. Steel has more flex to it, aluminum is more ridged with little

flex. That is why I choose to use in in the first place. That and it's lighter.

OK, so who will be willing to test out this idea on the bar?  :D  :roll:  :roll:  Just kidding. God forbid we have any more wonderful B5 or A4's go off


I have also been thinking about the next evolution of this bar. Dave (Spec) said something in his e-mail list post that gave me an idea. I need to

think a bit more about it.

Hey Pat! Are you coming to my house on the 11th? I'd love to jack your car up and see the Audi solution first hand.


OK, so I just got back from under

my Passat. Man, was that a trip!  :roll:  I have been thinking about a couple of things with the tie bar. Alan had a good suggestion in adding a fail

point to the bar right in the middle. That would be the best point for the bar to break in the case of massive front-ender. And that would be very

easy to create without having any effect on the performance of the bar.

Also, I have been thinking aout making the bar a bit more complicated by adding more mounting points to increase the effect and rigidity. I would

like to test this idea a bit first though. But the simple bar can still be made and it works well.

I'll let you know.

Chas, with all the "home grown"

mods you are doing, you should really invest in your own CNC machine.  Think of all the cool crap you could come up with then :D ....and how cool

they would look as well.

You must be reading my mind Jon.

Only not a CNC machine (well, at least not yet...) but more like a TIG welder. HE HE HE HE HA! :twisted:  :twisted:  :D

I think Pat said he was wanting to

come, he has been out of town at the orange bowl this past week, so we should hear from him pretty soon.


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