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Lower tie bar issues...

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Way to go, Chas!  Thanks for all of

your effort on this  :)



--- Quote from: "UberGrrl" ---Yeah, I was actually considering putting my 18" MasItalys back on the car for the weekend... Chas what do you

think? Is it worth it to see the difference, or should I just leave the 16s on? I could also bring them to the garage day and we could decide

then....any thoughts anyone?
--- End quote ---


If you do that it will snow and be all cold and stuff.  Now I want snow, just not on Saturday. ;)

Yeah, no shit. Leave the winter tires

on please. I don't want snow that day. After would be great, but none on Saturday please. :D

But really, you'll feel the difference with the 16's as well. I drove all around today on my '15 stock alloys. The bar makes the car feel more


I'll be there.  I have an idea for a

cell phone mount, too.  We'll chat....

I love this mod!!!!!!  It makes me

such a better driver. :lol:


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