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Lower tie bar issues...

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OK guys, here's the latest version

of my Lower Tie Bar. I call it the MK II.

So, What do you think? Dave?

that looks pretty sweet. I can't wait

to see how it feels though!


--- Quote from: "UberGrrl" ---that

looks pretty sweet. I can't wait to see how it feels though!
--- End quote ---

Well, that's not how it will look. In less than a day I have redesigned the bar, yet again. This big heavy duty bar work very well and makes the car

feel great. Very solid. But, the bar in the above pictures is a 1" bar add to that the hieght of the bolt head and washer and now I have created the

lowest point on the car. That kinda bugs me for some reason. It shouldn't be a problem, but... So anyhow, I took a drive up to Henderson, CO to

Alreco and bought enough aluminum for 6 new bars! And some stock alu for the buffer inside the bar to prevent it from being crushed. I think I

have enough different aluminum for 8 or maybe even ten bars total!  :shock:  One of whick I have sold to a fellow CB5er. He is paying me $45 for

a 5 spd bar. I would just want you guys to repay me for the matterials used. That and give me honest feedback. I wouldn't mind selling a few more

bars at CB5, but I would need some input from you all on the effectiveness of thes bars.

Anyhow, the latest bar will have a slightly lower profile, but should provide the same level of stiffness as the MK II bar.

Also, after talking to the good folks at Alreco I have a better Idea for the Tip bars than bending them. Because the aluminum stock has a whole

sh!tload of stiffnessin it's long axis (one bar, length doesn't matter, IF held in a PERFECTLY straight line has enough strength to push (without

collapsing) several tons of wieght. Hmmmm... So this bar is designed to decrease the amount of lateral (side to side) flex in our front suspensions.

These simple bars can easily do this. The tub style bar is more stiff than the solid bar type. So all we have to do to fit the Tip trannys is to create a

simple pedistal and use a good quaility bolt. Even a grade 5 bolt far out strips the structural capasity of the aluminum bar. In english, the aluminum

will rip appart before the grade 5 bolt shears off. So in the end, the Tip brace/bar will look simular to AndyA5's bar. Only better built.

Chas...does that mean you will have

enough material to make me one the same as Amanda's?  (since I will not be able to make it on the 11th)  If not, maybe just get the

measurements and we can make one a different day.  I will pay you back for all materials as well as give you feed back on the difference it makes.

 You can even do a test drive before and after if you want to see the difference for yourself.  I may put the BBS back on to get the car in "ultimate

driving mode" so we can really tell the differences.

Yeah, I was actually considering

putting my 18" MasItalys back on the car for the weekend... Chas what do you think? Is it worth it to see the difference, or should I just leave the

16s on? I could also bring them to the garage day and we could decide then....any thoughts anyone?


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