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Wendy and Amanda cop a feel

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were chatting, and we'd like to have another dinner GTG, possibly at Dave and Buster's again, some weeknight next week. We know we have the

garage day coming up on the 11th, but we just can't get enough of our boys!

So who would be up for some chow and fun (not to be confused with chow-fun) possibly on Tues/Wed/Thursday of next week?

I am ready for some more Daytona challenge...zoom zoom

(x-post on CB5 just to make sure everyone gets a chance to respond)

"Talk about gettn' a guys motor

runnin.'" :lol:

I would be partial to that!

I'd be up for that, but Wednesday

looks out of the question for me.

I'm there!

I have been practicing my racing!

Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday

works for me as well.  I will do what ever works for most people. :)


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