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Mk2 Madness!

I figure it's time for an update on the Mk2 since things will be moving right along now. I've been pretty busy the last few months doing little stuff, but a couple big things are pretty due.

This Sautrday (9-23-2006) Ian and I will be pulling the 8v engine out.

Next week Apex Autobody will have the car for 3-5 weeks sorting out some various metal work including:

  -Shave Side Molding
  -Shave Side Skirts
  -Shave, Smooth and Roll/Pull Fenders
  -Shave Fender Lights
  -Shave Roof Antenna
  -Shave Driver Side Wiper Hole
  -Shave Rear Wiper Completely
  -Shave Rear VW Badge
Then a full window-out sand down and re-spray in its original Green Glory!
After that, she comes back and Ian and I shoehorn a spanky little VR6 under the bonet and away she goes!

I've got a fairly detailed write-up done over on my website for anyone interested:

And a gallery of stuff here:

All the parts I pulled this week:

My lovely assistant Wendy peeking over the seats.

My comfy Recaro Trophy seats

Euro Small Chrome Striped bumpers

Much, much more to come!

Awesome! Looks like it is coming along nicely! Can't wait to see the finished product.

looks great. i wish i had the space for a project like that. i can't wait to see it once it is shaved and resprayed. Are you going to cage it at that time too?


I don't think I'll be putting in a cage. I'm so tall that unless i was driving with a helmet on all the time, i could seriously hurt myself.

Plus, i'm planning on re-covering the front seats and doing the rears to match as well as the headliner and door cards.

Who knows tho, the project may go more "club racer" in the future. :D

I thought about doing the door cards like the old Club Sport Porsches with just a flat panel of vinyl with a pull strap for the handle.

Maybe i'll pick up a set of door cards from the junk yard and play with some cutting and fiberglass shaping.

Mmmm, plans.  :twisted:


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